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Welcome to the Jungle: the best jungle-themed online slot games

The online casino world is booming. You’ll now find slots of every imaginable genre and theme, as software companies compete to come up with the most unique game concepts around. We’ve had robot poultry in Eggotmatic, primitive creatures in Evolution, and even a balloon animal theme in Balloonies. But despite all these totally original (and rather wacky) releases, one place where slot game designers continue to draw thematic inspiration from is the jungle.


Browse through any online casino’s game catalogue, and you’ll find no shortage of jungle-themed delights. Indeed, jungle slot games remain amongst some of the most popular with players, proving that sometimes classic casino themes work best.


Here’s our pick of the top titles available to play today.


Jungle Giants


Jungle Giants is a slot that isn’t just big – it’s giant. Designed by Playtech, the largest online gaming software provider in the world, it depicts all the huge beasts known to roam the African jungle in incredible 3D graphics. These include elephants, rhinos, gorillas and hippos. And it’s not just the animal imagery that works to captivate players’ attentions. There are also plenty of bonus features. The ‘Giant Free Games Bonus’ allows players to unlock an infinite number of free spins, whilst ‘Giant Symbols’ can cover multiple positions on the reels to create truly giant wins.


Our rating:


Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild


NetEnt are renowned for creating beautiful and wonderfully innovative slots – and Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is no exception. This stunning 2017 release is a feast for all the senses. Players are transported to a mesmerising cave in the heart of the rainforest, where a soundtrack of beating jungle drums and authentic animal sounds instantly immerse them in the game. What’s more, exotic butterflies can float around the screen, working their magic to make ordinary symbols expand. These bonus ‘Expanded Symbols’ will cover an entire reel, and are guaranteed to create at least one winning combination.


Our rating: 5/5


Gorilla Go Wild


For those seeking a slot game that’s fun and comical, nothing quite beats NextGen’sGorilla Go Wild. It features a boogie-worthy soundtrack and Gary the Gorilla, a cute-looking jungle king who sits beside the reels throughout the game. When a player buys any spin, they’re in with a chance of being awarded ‘Gary’s Bonus Time’. This will see them win a mystery prize or even access to the slot’s main bonus, ‘The Feature Kingdom’.


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Heart of the Jungle


Bringing the legendary story of Tarzan to life, Heart of the Jungle celebrates the love between a fair maiden and her noble savage. Players will feel fully immersed in the African jungle scene, with the abundance of colourful butterflies, wild flora and even a cascading waterfall rushing behind the reels. There’s also a ‘Jungle Trail Bonus’, where venturing further into the wilderness could reward players with multiple round of free spins. And if they make it all the way to the ‘Lost City of Zanter’, they’ll discover even greater treasures than free spins. . . Admittedly, it looks a little dated. But this slot manages to hold its own against newer games on the market, and casino fans can still play Heart of the Jungle at bgo.


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Legend of the Jaguar


Another release from the gaming giants at Playtech, Legend of the Jaguar is a one of the most recent jungle-themed additions to the online casino gaming world, having only been released in April this year. It’s graphically outstanding and boasts feature-packed gameplay. Players are taken into the wilderness to raid lost tombs alongside an intrepid female explorer. The reels themselves are embedded within one such tomb. Each successful spin can trigger a cascade of wins and see the multiplier value beside the tomb grow to further increase pay outs. Plus, if a Jaguar appears in the centre of the reels, the superb ‘Jaguar Re-spins Bonus’ will begin.

Our rating: 5/5

Tips for Playing Online Casino Games

For first time online casino players there are a few quick tips which will help them to increase their odds of winning.


Online casinos make use of random number generators (RNG) which means that every spin or hand that is dealt is determined by the RNG which is random and based purely on chance.  Players should not become superstitious and listen to all sorts of tips as there is no way they can influence the result of an online casino game.  Many players often fall prey to these superstitions and often find themselves in financial difficulties.


Understanding the Odds


It is important for casino players to understand the odds of the various casino games.  This is true for players playing online as well as at land-based casinos.  It is also a good idea to work out a strategy before playing and understand the different probabilities of the games.  Taking regular breaks while playing will also help players stay focused and eliminate mistakes while playing.


Bonuses and Rewards


Many online gambling casino sites will offer their first time players a welcome or sign up bonus and these are definitely worth taking advantage of.  There are always terms and conditions attached to these, so players should just make sure that they read them carefully.  For players who have been playing online casino games for a while they will usually be offered VIP bonuses and rewards in the form of cash, prizes, holidays and other gifts.  The more they play the more they will be rewarded.


Choosing a Casino and Game


Knowing which online casinos to play at is also vitally important as there are many casinos out there that are not legal and do not have the proper licensing.  Players should check the online casino carefully to ensure they are safe and legal.  Dodgy online casinos will often have issues when it comes to paying out winnings and players should avoid these type of situations.


Choosing a casino game to play is sometimes a challenge as there are so many to choose from so that is why it is important to know the odds of each game.  A good example is Blackjack where players should be able to lower the house edge to 0.05% by using a good strategy.  Slots on the other hand have a house edge of between 3% and 6%, which is quite high.  Players should try games that have a low house edge such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Video Poker.




Having a well thought out budget is one of the most important things to consider when playing online.  Players should not play slots where a $10 bet is required if they have only budgeted $50 as they will soon run out of money and would hardly had any time to play.  Rather play smaller spins such as $1 which will enable players to play for longer and also get more enjoyment out of it.  Playing casino games should after all not just be about the money, but also enjoying the time playing.


Playing online casino games can be a great way to relax and also gives players the opportunity to win some cash.  Playing online can be done anywhere 24 hours a day which makes it a popular option for casino players.

The Appeal of Instant Games

Most casino games are very exciting while some can cause tension wondering if the bet made will result in a win.  Sports betting is also fun as bettors can place a bet and then watch the game to see if they have won, which is also very exciting.  Slots are fast paced filled with action as players wait in anticipation to see where the reels will fall.  Roulette players depend on the outcome of a little white ball to decide their fate.  Some casino players however do not want to wait in anticipation to find out whether they have won or lost and instant games have been designed in such a way to give players an immediate outcome.


What are Instant Games


Instant win games cover a range of games, but the one think they all have in common is that they do not have any complicated steps to follow.  They are fast paced games which do not offer much player interaction while some of these games will require players to perform some sort of action in order for them to see if they have won.  All instant win games are based entirely on luck and no complex decision making is necessary or any sort of skill.  Instant win players are usually not after complex strategies, but rather hoping that they will be lucky.  The games are often very simple and it is usually the casual player that will enjoy them.  Most of them also require minimal bets while high stakes players can increase their bet if they would like to.


Scratch Cards


The most common type of instant win game is the scratch card.  These cards have been around for many years and can be found almost anywhere, gas stations, supermarkets and convenience stores.  They have also been added to many online casinos with the introduction of online casino gaming.  Most online casinos will feature a wide and varied range of scratch cards with different themes.  Scratch cards are really easy.  All a player needs to do is to decide which card to buy, pay their money and by scratching on the ticket hopefully revealing the winning symbols.  Online scratch card players can scratch manually or the symbols are revealed automatically.  There have been some great success stories of huge wins from scratch cards.


Bingo and Keno


Instant win games that rely on draws are also popular such as Bingo.  The most popular of these Bingo games is where the Bingo player does not actually play like in a live Bingo hall or at a real money online casino, but players are given a set of cards and they then have to match up as many numbers as they can from a round of Bingo which has been randomly drawn and hoping that luck will be on their side and they have some winning patterns.  Keno is another popular instant win game, but does offer some complexities.  Some online casinos will feature a quick pick where players receive spots and the draw can be activated and players will receive their results.  Keno is a little slower and players can enjoy this game at their own pace.


Instant win casino games may not seem as important as Slots or other table games like online Blackjack, but many players enjoy them.  They are appealing to many because they are easy to play and not much thought is needed.  They are a great way to relax.

Benefits of Playing Online

Playing casino games online is a very popular pastime and millions of people all around the world are logging onto casino sites each day.  Some play for real money while others log on and play for free and some see casino games as a hobby.  No matter what their reasons there are many players who will confirm that playing casino games is a fun and exciting experience and much better than a land-based casino.




The main reason that casino players prefer playing at online casinos is that it is convenient.  Players can play casino games from the comfort of their homes at any time, day or night.  There is no time limit and players can log on and play for a few minutes if that’s all they have time for.  The use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones has made casino gaming even more convenient as players can play a game wherever they may be.  Mobile casino games are especially convenient when commuting, waiting for an appointment or just relaxing.


Enjoy Free Games


Free games are another way that players can enjoy casino games.  The majority of casinos today will offer a free version of their online pokies NZ and other games, and players can sign up without having to make a cash deposit.  Land-based casinos do not offer players this option.  This free option lets players try out games for free or they can practice their gaming skills and even learn new games.  There is also the option of trying out strategies without risking any real money.  This option will increase a player’s odds for winning.


Welcome Bonuses


Online casinos are especially popular when it comes to their welcome bonuses.  These are offered in order to attract new players and they can range from between 50% to even 500%.  Any points that are earned while playing are put towards the bonus which is then transferred into the player’s cash account.  Many casino sites will also give out extra bonuses to any new players and these may be in the form of free spins for slot players or free hands when playing blackjack.  Bonuses are an excellent way for players to build up their bankroll.


Various Deposit Options


When playing online players will be required to make a deposit before playing and unlike land-based casinos players will have access to a variety of deposit options.  Some casinos will also offer players special bonuses for using certain deposit options.  The options that are available include credit and debit cards as well as electronic checks and many more options.


Wide Range of Games


Online casinos offer a substantial range of games and these include different variants of blackjack, roulette, keno and poker.  Some players may enjoy the casino experience and the live dealer games are an option for them.  With live dealer games players get to interact with real dealers via a webcam from a real casino.  Slots have the most variety when it comes to playing online and these include traditional 3 and 5 reel slots as well as new slots with themes and progressive jackpots.


Most online casinos will allow players the option to bet as much or as little as they have.  Land-based casinos will usually specify a minimum and even a maximum bet in some casinos.  Players can spin the reels for just a few cents or go as high as $1000 a spin when playing online.  Players can also decide when to place higher bets or lower bets depending on their luck for the spin.

The inner workings of casinos

Kevin Sheehan has founded many companies throughout his lifetime. This has led him to learn all he has to know about the business world and how it all works. His latest venture is in the casino industry.


What Kevin Sheehan has learned

When opening up a casino, you cannot just open it anywhere since the right location has to be picked. There are local zoning laws that need to be verified to allow a casino to be opened in a certain area. This has to register with the city as well as the state. It even has to acquire the licenses and the employer identification number. It is no secret that opening up a business requires capital. This is an understatement for casinos since all the capital it collects goes straight to purchasing gaming equipment such as slot machines, video poker machines, roulette tables, poker tables, blackjack tables and so on. As you can guess all of these are not cheap. When it comes to casinos, most people don’t normally think about going to the casino on a Friday or Saturday night. Kevin Sheehan has learned that it is important to invest some money into marketing to remind the public about your establishment. These include television, radio and online ads.


The business model of casinos

When it comes to the business model of casinos, their primary source of revenue comes from games such as poker, blackjack, slots and so on. The variables here include the number of visitors that come in and the amount of capital invested with the number of tables they have available in their facilities.

Kevin Sheehan had to acquire three types of licenses to run a casino. The first one is the operating license, which is needed to run the casino and to offer the games. For example, if you have a online gambling website, this allows you to run it and offer the games. Another one needed is the personal license of which there are two kinds. The first one is for the personal management license and the second is the personal functional license. The latter is for people who have specific roles in the areas of the company for example casino employees involved in gaming or handling of the money. The last license is the premises license, which is, required to run any size casino. The way to get such license is through local licensing authority.