Beginner’s Online Casino Guide

The world of online casinos can be an overwhelming and perplexing one, especially for people just starting out enjoying the real money fun on offer. The information outlined here, along with tips, will make the transition from land-based casino game play to virtual play far easier, and you will be right in the thick of things before you can say life-changing win!

Along with the online craps Canada and the rest of the world provides, you can look forward to classic games like poker, slots, blackjack, and roulette, as well as many alternative games for those whose tastes run that way.

Two Types of Casinos

There are two types of online casinos for players to enjoy:

  1. Download Casinos

These casinos ask that you download and install a tiny software programme before you start playing. It usually takes around 15 minutes for the process to be completed, and you will then be able to enjoy excellent flow of great graphics, scintillating sound effects, and fantastic features.

  1. No Download/Instant Play Casinos

These casinos allow you to start playing instantly from a variety of web browsers, making use of Flash or Java tech to provide the access they do.

Safety and Security at Online Casinos

Online casinos are very safe to spend time in, and the best way for you to be able to tell whether a site is conscious of their security or not is to look at the software providers that are responsible for supplying the games the casino provides. The biggest of these, including Cryptologic, Microgaming, and Playtech are quoted on the stock exchange, so you can be sure that they would never put their reputation at risk, and have the safety of their customers as one of their primary concerns!

Are the Game Outcomes at Online Casinos Fair?

 The sheer number of online casinos at the moment makes for an extraordinary level of competition as these sites duke it out to get you to spend time with them rather than the next site. Online casinos also recognise that if you are not 100% satisfied with the services you have received, you can simply click your mouse or tap your finger and you will instantly be playing at a new one.

Therefore the major software providers and the best operators ensure they provide good quality games with great payouts. The better online casinos also have accountants that manage their payouts: PriceWaterHouseCoopers provide monthly statements of all of the casinos that make use of the Microgaming Software, allowing for constant monitoring of these casinos’ activities.

 Furthermore, when compared to traditional land-based casinos, the payouts that online casinos deliver are a lot better! This is partly thanks to the lower running costs and higher levels of competition they grapple with, but also because of the big profits these places to play make.

They are fully aware of the fact that they can bring in big revenue whilst also providing great games and payouts that are fair, and it is only to their advantage to make sure you are able to enjoy honest, high-quality games, since this will maintain not only their reputation but their bottom line as well.


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