Tips to creating the ideal place accumulator

Starting out with your first bet on horse racing isn’t easy but when you’ve got the knack of backing certain nags to win or even result each way, the eventual sort of bet that are worth getting behind are place accumulators.


There aren’t all too many sites that cover place accumulators, but The Winners Enclosure tend to lead by example, regularly creating one for followers to work from, and even maintaining their own Place Longshot Tips Page, which is updated every day with a fresh bet that they themselves have recommended.


Horse racing tips for today and every day’s action are something that sites like TWE specialise in accommodating, but how do you come up with a place accumulator that ticks of all the appropriate criteria?


Hold a stronger ratio of low odds to high odds


The point of creating a Place Accumulator or even a Place Longshot, is to show consistency in the sorts of odds you’re including. A lot of horses should be under evens in price, with a handful even being 1/1 or just over evens.


There’s always space for a lower priced horse if the form backs it up but try not to get carried away with putting the big priced horses in just to boost your potential returns even more, as it can be a defining factor in your bet falling at the final hurdle.


Select just the right amount of included horses


Something that ends up being make or break in creating a place accumulator is just how many horses you include in your bet.


There isn’t a formula to choosing the right odds, and form can sometimes decide whether it’s a worthwhile bet or not, but if you’ve picked selections you’re happy with, always go against adding in more to boost the odds, as that’s usually your bet’s eventual downfall.


Remember – these bets aren’t as reliable as a NAP of the day!


No bet, from the 1/6s all the way to the 1,000/1s, are ever certain to happen. Betting responsibly, knowing when to stop and not backing any more than you’re willing to lose has to come as a priority before any excitement caused by the thought of a big win.


That already being said, bear in mind the intention of a Place Accumulator, which is extremely different to that of a NAP of the Day.


While a NAP of the Day is put in place to be the most likely winning horse in a specific racing day, a Place Accumulator is like any other gambling acca, and is something that stands a far lesser chance through needing more things to go in a specific way in order to win. Make sure you maintain that in your mind before seeing this as being the best way to find profit in sports betting.

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